George Loper

PAULS VALLEY, May 27, George Loper, 40, Pauls Valley night watchman was shot down and instantly killed at midnight last night by three bandits who had previously kidnapped George Longacre, the other night policeman of this town, and a youth named Nelson.

The three bandits, in a Ford V-8 sedan, its license number covered with a George Loper Picturecloth, drove up to Longacre and Nelson and at the point of a revolver ordered them into the car. Longacre’s pistol was taken from him. A few minutes later, on an isolated street, the car came in contact with Loper. The bandits ordered him to throw up his hands and come to the car, he did not obey quickly enough and one of the three fired point blank at the officer. The bullet struck him in the heart killing him instantly.

Three miles south of Pauls Valley, the bandits released Longacre and Nelson. Longacre hailed a passing car and returned to Pauls Valley. Loper’s body had not been discovered by other officers at that time.

A widespread search for the car and the bandits had proven fruitless at 11 a.m. today. Officers believe Loper’s slayers were the same trio of men reported to have staged a series of robberies, over the past several weeks, along the federal highway. They believed that the men planned a robbery here last night.

Loper is survived by his widow and eight-year-old daughter. He has been on the force only since May 6.

Excerpt from the Tulsa Tribune, Tuesday, May 28, 1935