Randolph W Cathey

Randolph W. Cathey Was Honored On May 9, 2003 at 10 A.M. Deputy City Marshal Randolph CatheyCathey’s name Was Added To The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial in Oklahoma City. Marshal Cathey’s Name Was Also Be Added to The National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C

Deputy City Marshall Murdered

Pauls Valley Assistant City Marshal Randolph W. Cathey finished eating dinner at the Valley Cafe about 6:30 P.M. the evening of Sunday, November 3, 1907. As Marshal Cathey left the cafe he was shot in the heart and abdomen from an ambush by Jim Stephenson, who ran a local bar.. Marshal Cathey was able to return fire before he died, wounding Stephenson three times in the legs.

Stephenson had made several open threats against the Marshal’s life after Marshal Cathey arrested Stephenson’s nephew a few months earlier. Stephenson had to be taken to jail in Ardmore because the officers feared he might be lynched by towns people.

The next morning, outraged citizens of Pauls Valley held a mass meeting and passed a resolution all liquor dealers in town to place all of their goods and fixtures on the railroad depot platform and ship them out of town within three hours. Any items remaining in the bars after 1 P.M. that day would be dragged into the street and burned.

Marshal Cathey was 30 years of age and single when he was killed. Following one of the largest funeral services in Pauls Valley, Marshal Cathey’s body was sent to his parents in Youngsport, Texas where he was buried.